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DevilCase Lens Protector

DevilCase has two products for phone's camera lens protection: PET Lens Protector (for both android and iPhones) and Aluminum Lens Protector Ring (for iPhones only).

PET Lens Protector is made of high quality and ultra clear PET or Polyethylene terephthalate material. It is used to cover the lens and/or flash of the phone for extra protection on scratches and dust accumulation. Most of the phone's cameras are not really scratch resistant, so this is a perfect protection for them. DevilCase created these lens protectors with cut precision and high transparency to make sure the camera vision will not be be affected. PET Lens Protectors are available for Sony Xperia, Apple iPhone, Asus Zenfone, Samsung, as well as HTC.

Aluminum Lens Protector Ring, on the other hand, is an aluminum ring that can be installed on the camera of Apple iPhones to increase the thickness and metal cover of the phone's camera. This can make sure that the phone's camera will be totally isolated from touch or access of the external environment. Lens Protector Ring can be used together with the PET Lens Protector.

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