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On DevilCase Aluminum Bumpers

1. Will the aluminum metal scratch the side of my phone?

No, DevilCase aluminum bumpers have rubber paddings inside the metal frame for different purposes like shock absorber during fall, as well as protection to the phones to avoid touching the metal. These paddings will ensure that the side of our phones will not touch the aluminum frame to not to have scratches.

2. What type of aluminum material DevilCase uses for its bumpers?

DevilCase uses aviation-grade aluminum alloy. This is the type of aluminum that are used to create body parts of aircrafts. This material is very strong, and this explains why DevilCase bumpers are really a good protection to knocks, bumps and falls.

3. Will it affect my phone signal when I install DevilCase bumper on my phone?

There will generally be no phone signal degradation that you will experience when you use DevilCase aluminum bumpers. All DevilCase bumpers have holes on the signal area of the phone to ensure that they are not blocking or degrading our phone's signal reception.

4. Will it make my phone bulky?

DevilCase bumpers are really slim and light. They will not at all make our phones look and feel bulky. Instead, the cases complement the design of our phones and give them a more premium and metallic feel. Although the existing pictures of the bumpers may not do justice on the real look and experience that we can get from DevilCase, but personally experiencing the DevilCase will prove it right that the bumpers are slim, light, stylish, high-quality, and sturdy.

5. Is it water proof?

DevilCase bumpers by themselves are made of aluminum metal, so they sure are water proof, but they do not make your phone water proof as well, unless of course if the phone is already a water proof phone (like Xperia phones). Although DevilCase bumpers are water proof, we still don't recommend that these cases be dipped in water, because they have rubber paddings inside the frame that can lock in water and stick on the phone's side. If the bumper gets wet, make sure to temporarily uninstall it and dry the rubber padding before reinstallation.

6. Will it break the tempered glass that's already installed on my phone when I install the DevilCase?

DevilCase will only cover the side portion of the phones, generally, so it should not touch any tempered glass protector installed on your phone, but if you are just installing both the bumper and the glass protector, we suggest installing the bumper first followed by the glass protector.


On DevilCase Store Philippines

1. Do you have a physical store?

No, DevilCase Philippines Store is a pure e-commerce business. We don't have physical store to make sure that we can sustain low pricing on our products by not adding additional costs on our operations.

2. What makes you different from all other online stores?
Aside from the very reasonable pricing on all our products, our number one brand value is to put the customers as our first priority. All our past customers can attest the exceptional customer service that we offered to them. We make sure that all questions and all the help needed by our customers are well addressed through our different customer service channels. Our lines are always open to receive customer inquiries, and our average response time is only a few minutes. Here are what our customers say about us.
3. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and bank deposits. You can check all our accepted payment methods here.