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APPLE iPhone 6 | 6s | 6+ | 6s+ TYPE X WHOLE ALUMINUM Bumper Case


  • ₱2,24000

DevilCase Type X Whole Aluminum bumper cases for APPLE iPhones are another work of art of DevilCase. DevilCase Type X bumpers are two-toned aluminum cases. They can be installed on the phones without the need for screws, because DevilCase Type X bumpers are equipped with clippers that hold the case intact with the phone when installed.

DevilCase Type X offers the same strength and reliability as the regular DevilCase aluminum bumpers. There are different color combinations to choose from. These Type X bumpers are also crafted with high precision and perfect fit to the phone. The holes are perfectly positioned and cut, so that iPhone charger and headset would fit well.

The following are what's in the box of the DevilCase Type X Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case:

  1. DevilCase Type X Whole Aluminum Bumper Case for APPLE iPhone
  2. Mute control button (please do not remove the black tape behind it)

DevilCase Type X Aluminum Alloy Bumper Cases are also compatible with all types of DevilCase tempered glass protectors for iPhone such as curved glass, full glass, and normal glass protectors. Type X cases can also be paired with any DevilCase back cover skin. For added protection on your iPhone, you can also install lens protector, lens aluminum ring, and home button protector.

DevilCase guarantees the following:

  • All buttons will function properly.
  • Has a few millimeter raise on the front and back of the phone that will keep the phone from touching the flat surface when placed on it.
  • Has holes that will ensure right fitting of APPLE's charging cable and headphones.

Here are the available colors of DevilCase Type X Aluminum Alloy Bumper Cases from DevilCase:


Gold top and bottom + rose gold side


Gold top and bottom + red side


Black top and bottom + grey side


Black top and bottom + blue side


Black top and bottom + red side


 Red top and bottom + blue side


 Whole Black


 Whole Silver


 Whole Gold


 Whole Rose Gold

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