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APPLE iPhone 6+ | 6s+ Back & Side Cover Skin - SPIDER WEB WITH SCRATCH


  • ₱40000


How to Install Spider Web Back & Side Cover Skin for iPhone 6/6s/6+/6s+


1. Put phone on anti-slip pad.
2. Clean the rear of the phone with alcohol pad and dry all the fluid with dry cleaning pad.
3. Peel-off base layer to the bottom edge of lens.
4. Use some strength, smooth the back & side cover skin from the bottom edge of lens to the end at once directly. Don't hesitate or the bubbles will remain in it .
5. Use hair dryer to heat back & side cover skin and rub it, make it stick on the phone.
6. If there are bubbles inside, heat it with hair dryer and press it from the back of phone to the edge, pressing in this direction is important.