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APPLE iPhone 6+ | iPhone 6s+ DevilCase TYPE ZERO Aluminum Bumper Case


  • ₱1,69000

DevilCase ZERO is a new innovation from DevilCase. These are aluminum cases that are very thin that you won't feel like you put them on your iPhone. If you want your iPhone to have a reliable protection without causing additional millimeter of width and thickness on your phone, DevilCase ZERO is perfect for you.

DevilCase ZERO is only 0.143 cm in thickness, which has the thickness comparable to onion skin's thickness. Despite of the extreme thinness, the material use to manufacture DevilCase ZERO are three types of aluminum that made these cases as strong and reliable as the regular ones. This will offer the same and even greater protection on your phone, because aside from the DevilCase ZERO aluminum case, the DevilCase ZERO also comes with stylish rubber shock absorption layer.

DevilCase ZERO maintains all other great characteristics of regular DevilCase aluminum bumpers and DevilCase Type X bumpers, plus extreme the thinness and multiple great color options.

The following are what's in the box of the DevilCase ZERO Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case:

  1. DevilCase ZERO Aluminum Bumper Case for APPLE iPhone
  2. Three shock absorption layers in different colors: red, black, and white (limited time promo)

DevilCase ZERO Aluminum Alloy Bumper Cases are also compatible with all types of DevilCase tempered glass protector for iPhone such as curved glass, full glass, and normal glass protectors. DevilCase ZERO cases can also be paired with any DevilCase back cover skin. For added protection on your iPhone, you can also install lens protector, lens aluminum ring, and home button protector.

DevilCase guarantees the following:

  • All buttons will function properly.
  • Has a few millimeter raise on the front and back of the phone that will keep the phone from touching the flat surface when placed on it.
  • Has holes that will ensure right fitting of APPLE's charging cable and headphones.



APPLE iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s DevilCase ZERO Aluminum Bumper Case Installation Video Guide:


0:05 - Introduce ZERO Aluminum Bumper Case iPhone 6/6s (4.7) combo discount
(the latest information on selling page or seller’s store prevails)
0:58 - Install GOLD bumper case + BLACK rubber absorption layer on iPhone 6s GOLD
1:43 - The difference between bumper case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s
3:14 - Presentation
3:20 - Honeycomb speaker , strap hole and charger hole
3:58 - Buttons function