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APPLE iPhone X TYPE ONE Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case

APPLE iPhone X TYPE ONE Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case


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How to Install Bumper Case for iPhone

(It is the same way to install the bumper case for iPhone X)

 01:18 - Introduce various back cover skins we send this time (we only send one random back cover skin as gift now)
03:00 - Introduce aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6/6s/6+/6s+
05:42 - How to install mute control key
08:58 - Test buttons' function
11:20 - How to install carbon back cover skin
12:28 - How to install cow leather back cover skin
13:42 - How to install goat leather back cover skin
15:24 - How to install PU leather back cover skin



  1. DevilCase Type One aluminum bumper case
  2. A pair of backup screw
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Mute control button (Please don't remove the black tape behind it)



  1. This bumper case is compatible with Apple charger
  2. Bumper case can keep the phone's front and back from touching the table because of extra millimeter hump on the bumper



The bumper case is slim and very fit with the iPhone X. It will not make your phone bulky.


Corners have a few millimeters of thickness that serves as a protection for camera lens.


Antenna opening allows good signal reception. The iPhone X bumper case will not affect or weaken the signal of the phone.


Buttons are made of aluminum as well.


Devilcase Logo was engraved using laser technology.


Dedicated hole for charms and cellphone lace


Devilcase accessories like lens protector and glass protector are compatible with the Type One bumper case for iPhone X.









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