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DevilCase FULL Glass Screen Protector for APPLE iPhone 6 | 6s | 6+ | 6s+


  • ₱85000


  • 0.30 mm thick (the perfect thickness for tempered glass to maintain smooth touch and TG strength)
  • Rounded edge
  • Enhanced touch
  • 9H surface hardness
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-glare
  • Oleophobic
  • Anti-static
  • Exact fit on the phone screen
  • Easy-DIY


  • High hardness glass screen protector
  • Alcohol prep pad + dry cleaning pad
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Dust sticker
  • Anti-slip pad


  • Use this type of tempered glass with the DevilCase bumper. If you don't use bumper case, it would feels a little bit sharp when you grab your phone with just the FULL glass protector, because the edges of the full glass protector is a little raised from the edge glass of the iPhone. If you don't plan to use a bumper case, use the Normal Glass or the Curved Glass instead.
  • If your phone is silver or gold, use the WHITE FULL glass protector.
  • If your phone is gray, use BLACK FULL glass protector.


Installation Guide:

  1. Put your phone on the anti-slip pad.
  2. Use alcohol pred pad to clean the glass of your phone.
  3. Use dry cleaning pad to dry the wet alcohol on the glass of your phone.
  4. Use the dust sticker to clean the remaining dust on the glass of your phone.
  5. Position the Tape A side of the tempered glass towards the screen.
  6. Remove the cover of the Tape A side, then put the tempered glass on the screen. Adjust to fit the screen.
  7. After the tempered glass is already attached on the screen, use the cleaning cloth to clean the glass and push the bubble out of the screen.


Instructional Videos:

00:39 - Install FULL black glass protector on grey iPhone 6
05:36 - How to clean the FULL black glass protector before reusing it




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