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DevilCase TPU Material Luster Screen Protector for ASUS, SONY, SAMSUNG & APPLE


  • ₱65000

Limited Promotion!! Buy one get one free!!


There are two versions of FRONT Luster Screen Protector of SONY Xperia X/XA/XP and Samsung Galaxy S7. Here they are:

1. Full Coverage version: This covers the whole screen including the curved part of the screen. This should be used if you will not use bumper case.

2. Small version (for phone with case): 0.45mm edge narrowed, the specific version for phone with case.

PS: There's only one version for SONY XA Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC One A9 and HTC 10, ASUS ZenFone3 5.2 inches/5.5 inches. There screen protectors are good to use whether there is bumper case or none.



  1. Luster Screen Protector x 2pcs (buy one get one free!!)
  2. Cleaning Kit x 1set (alcohol pad, cleaning pad, dust removal sticker, microfiber cloth, anti-slip mat, card scraper)






How to Apply Luster Screen Protector for Sony

(please watch this video before applying the protector) 


How to Apply Luster Screen Protector for Samsung

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