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SAMSUNG Note 4 Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case


  • ₱1,69000

SAMSUNG Note 4 DevilCase Aluminum Alloy Bumper Cases are really unique in design and color. They make the already premium SAMSUNG Note 4 body a more premium one, because of the metallic feel that the DevilCase bumpers add to SAMSUNG Note 4. There are six available variants of bumpers for SAMSUNG Note 4 and two of those variants are two-toned bumpers, the gold top and bottom and red sides bumper, and the red top and bottom and gold sides bumper.

Just like all other DevilCase bumpers, SAMSUNG Note 4 DevilCase Aluminum bumpers are made of high quality and aviation-grade aluminum that make them really strong, and highly protective to the phone. They were also designed to have a minimalistic look.

The following are what's in the box of the Samsung Note 4 DevilCase Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case:

  1. Samsung Note 4 Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case
  2. A pair of spare screws
  3. A hex key

It is recommended to use lens protector as well with SAMSUNG Note 4 to protect the camera from scratches. DevilCase bumper just aligns with the camera. DevilCase didn't make it too thick because the design will become bulky.

DevilCase guarantees the following:

  • All buttons will function properly.
  • Has a few millimeter raise on the front and back of the phone that will keep the phone from touching the flat surface when placed on it.
  • Has holes that will ensure right fitting of SAMSUNG's charging cable and headphones.


 Gold top & bottom + Red sides


 Red top & bottom + Gold sides




Champagne Gold



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