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SAMSUNG Note 5 Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case


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DevilCase aluminum bumper case is a perfect partner for SAMSUNG Note 5. SAMSUNG Note 5, being a glass phone, needs fall and bump protection that DevilCase aluminum bumper can offer.

SAMSUNG Note 5 DevilCase Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case is well-designed to make sure that the front and back of Note 5 will be lifted a millimeters when placed on a flat surface. Even the camera will not touch the flat surface. The design also fits the premium look of the phone. The metallic finish of the DevilCase bumpers will make SAMSUNG Note 5 even more premium and classy.

The following are what's in the box of the Samsung Note 5 DevilCase Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case:

  1. Samsung Note 5 Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case
  2. A pair of spare screws
  3. A hex key

DevilCase guarantees the following:

  • All buttons will function properly.
  • Has a few millimeter raise on the front and back of the phone that will keep the phone from touching the flat surface when placed on it.
  • Has holes that will ensure right fitting of SAMSUNG's charging cable and headphones.


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SAMSUNG Note 5 DevilCase Aluminum Bumper Case Installation Video Guide:

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