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SAMSUNG S8 & S8+ Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case

SAMSUNG S8 & S8+ Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case


  • ₱1,69000



There's a groove for the edge functionality of Samsung S8 & S8 Plus for all Devilcase aluminum cases.


The groove does not interfere on the sensitivity and functionality of the phone.


High quality anodization and sandblasting chamfered the edges and made the aluminum case for Samsung S8 & S8+ smooth to touch.


There's a strap hole as well.


Precise alignment of the charging hole. It allows different types of charging cables.


All buttons are in perfect size and shape.


The logo was carved using the professional laser engraving machine.



  1. Aluminum bumper case for Samsung S8 or S8+
  2. Assembly tools (screw driver, screws, additional spare screws)







Orchid Gray


Coral Blue



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