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SONY X | XA | XP Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case


  • ₱1,69000


  1. DevilCase Aluminum Bumper Case for SONY X/XP x 1pc
  2. Assembly Kit (Hex Key x 1pc, Screws x 2pcs, Spare Nylok Screws x 2pcs)

Note: The sample pictures below all used Sony X as model phone (not XA neither XP), though the color and design of these bumper cases are the same for XA and XP. The only difference is for XA, where the hole of the power button is different because XA doesn't have finger print sensor, but only circular power button.

The Aluminum Bumper Case form fits snugly over the power button.

Extra-large opening for the earphone jack.

Strap opening design

Easy access: Charger port opening is 100% compatible with genuine iPhone charging cable.

High quality surface treatment, perfect sense of touching

High quality material: Aluminum volume button & camera button


Iron Grey


Lime Gold


Rose Gold









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