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SONY Xperia XZ Premium Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case

SONY Xperia XZ Premium Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case


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  1. The side body of Sony XZ Premium is an electroplated PC material. There are reports that the paint/coloring of the side part sometimes get scratched off easily. This defect is with Sony's manufacturing process. Any experience related to this should be reported to Sony's customer service for advice.
  2. The "Plain Aluminum" variant of the Devilcase aluminum bumpers for XZ Premium was not sandblasted. Therefore, the bumper case has visible marks of CNC molding process and some parts are a little sharper than bumper cases that have been sandblasted. The sharpness will not cause you to be hurt though.




The bumper case has been sandblasted and anodized. It feels smooth when holding them.

Chamfering treatment by CNC precise milling.

The four corners of the bumper case are higher than lens so if you put the phone on the table, your lens won’t be scratched.

Logo carving was done through high-quality laser engraving machine.

Precise alignment with the power button.

The earphone hole can support most of the earphones.

The charging hole can fit most types of the charging cables.

You can use the cell phone strap as well.

There are rubbery materials/sponges inside the bumper case that were manually placed by hands to give a good protection for your phone.

The button is also made of aluminum.



1. Aluminum Bumper Case * 1

2. Assembling Tools (Screwdriver * 1, Spare Screws * 2, Spare Nylok Screws * 2)








Plain Aluminum


Bronze Pink


Drop Test

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