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SONY XZ1 Compact Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case

SONY XZ1 Compact Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case


  • ₱1,69000


    1. DEVILCASE Aluminum Bumper Case x 1pc
    2. Assembling Tools (Screwdriver x 1pc, Screws x 2pcs, Spare Nylok Screws x 2pcs)



      The bumper case has been sandblasted and anodized for smooth finish and lasting paint color.


      Chamfering treatment was performed using the CNC technology for precise cut of the aluminum to fit perfectly with the phone. The four corners of the bumper case are also thicker than the phone's lens so that when the phone is put on the table, the lens won't be scratched.


      The logo was engraved using laser.


      Holes are properly and precisely aligned.


      The earphone holes will allow most of the commercial earphones.


      The charging hole can fit all the commercial charging cable.


      The sponges inside the bumper case are placed by hand to give great protection for your phone.


      The aluminum button are provided and perfectly provide crisp press.








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